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01. Research

All our projects start in the same way: listening to the audience. Good research means formulating the right questions and rigorously analyzing the answers to obtain a diagnosis of the situation.


02. Strategy

This is a crucial part in any professional campaign. The strategy defines the objective of the communication process and it becomes a guiding compass for every action in the campaign.


03. Message

At this stage, we decide what we need to say (message), how to do it (delivery) and when is the best time to communicate our message (timing).

Work Areas

We are a consulting firm that works with governments, candidates, NGOs and businesses.

Government institutions

Government institutions

We work with governments to build and consolidate the support they need, helping them to achieve a more fluid, direct and effective bond with the electorate.

Political Campaigns & Elections

Political Campaigns & Elections

Every campaign needs research, strategy, message, advertising, fundraising and organization; but each one is unique. The key to win an election is to tell a good story which aligns the candidate´s message to the voter´s demands.

NGOs and Foundations

NGOs and Foundations

We know what to ask to get the answers you need. Non-profit organizations need to understand their audience before they can design a successful campaign strategy to promote or defend a specific cause, raise funds or recruit volunteers.


Private Sector

Before making important decisions, you need to understand your customer´s behavior, needs and demands. We provide the necessary market reseach to help you make the right decisions.

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